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South Dakota

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Tom Beam - Medicine Creek Ranch, South DakotaLocal friend and archery hunter Tom Beam ventured to South Dakota to visit his friend Bart of Medicine Creek Outfitters about the possibilities of expanding his operation to include archery hunting. Tom and his wife Donna fell in love with the region and now call it home. While spending some time there during the fall of 2003 they stayed at a beautiful resort/campgrounds on the Missouri River. Tom and Donna operate the campgrounds from April through October. Living there will put Tom in a perfect position to scout and familiarize himself with the properties of Medicine Creek.


You will be our exclusive guest, the entire Medicine Creek Ranch to yourself.  A beautiful eight-mile drive leads to the ranch house lodge where your nearest neighbor is seven miles away.  Relax with nature in this serene environment.

Across the lands of Chief Iron Nation and Chief Spotted Tail on the Sioux Nation Lower Brule Indian Reservation, the landscape varies from wide open expanses of waving grasslands to covered draws and wooded creek bottoms and fruitful cropland.  The Missouri River breaks and tributaries provide spacious habitat for both large and small game.  Abundant wildlife sports ring-necked pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, Merriam turkeys, mule deer and whitetail deer.

A Deer Hunt to Remember

Big open country where you may not see another person outside your party all day or week is a benefit while tracking mule or whitetail deer.  With over 20,000 acres of rolling grass hills and thickly wooded creek bottoms, our rifle shot guarantee sets you up for a shot at a 2x3 or better.  Options for both tribal (guarantee) and state (draw) licenses are available.


Hunt WILD Ringnecks

Come and experience what everybody is talking about on opening day in south central South Dakota.  Wild pheasants exploding up right in front of you, while hunting with family and friends.  Our mix of cover, feed and water is key to our high bird populations.  Bird processing is included.


Horseback Hunts

Imagine striding across the grassy plains mounted horseback as the dogs point out sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chicken.  Be prepared to rise early and watch a glorious sunrise.  As witnessed by OLN's Bird Dogs Forever, this challenge is for the true bird hunter as these birds are wise to their habitat and their predators.  Early season hunts on tribal lands available.

Call in the Turkeys

Turkeys are native to the United States and especially South Dakota.  Along the creek flocks of wild turkeys congregate and feed under tree cover.  Watch them in fine fashion as they strut in when you call.

Hunting Varmits

Experience the thrill of coyote calling or bagging prairie dogs.  These hunts are semi-self guided.  Exhilarating hunts provide bonding memories.

Customized for You

For your optimum hunting experience we tailor your hunt to fit your group needs.  Full service to serve yourselves.  Call to personalize your hunt today.  Early reservations are recommended.  We are booking now.  To ensure great hunts we limit bookings -- minimum of two guns and maximum of ten guns.  50% down payment is required to reserve your dates. 

A few pictures from South Dakota and Medicine Creek Ranch. Enjoy spot and stalk and ground blind hunts for trophy whitetail and mule deer.


Medicine Creek Ranch offers several types of deer hunts on terrain that varies from wide open grass prairies to woody draws and creek bottoms.  With 27 years hunting experience, we have semi-guided or fully guided deer hunts ranging from $1,750 for archery/hunter or $2,500 for rifle/muzzle loader/hunter.

Hunt Options License Fees Season Dates
SD Archery (west river) $155 9/25 - 12/31/04
Tribal Archery $125 9/18 - 12/31/04
SD Rifle (unit 745c) $155 11/13 - 11/28/04
Tribal Rifle $425 11/13 - 11/28/04
Tribal Muzzleloader $225 11/6 - 12/12/04

Call for license deadlines


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